Au-pair in Germany

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What is it?

„Au-pair“ comes from French and means „equal to“. This means, that with an Au-Pair stay, both the Au-pair as well as the host family build a mutual relationship.

In order to bring children and careers in line, many families in Germany decide to get an Au-pair. If you become an Au-pair, you will live for a year or longer with a host family and help them in return with childcare and with all the little household chores.

You are like part of the family and will be included in the family, and will have the same rights and duties as all the other family members have.

You should know that working as an Au-pair is seen as a cultural program and not really as a job or occupation.

It is a good opportunity to gain experience abroad: with direct access to the family you can deepen your knowledge of the language, get to know the German way of life and also be brought closer to the culture of the country of your host family.


  • You are between the ages of 18 and 24.
  • You already have some basic knowledge of the German language.
  • You enjoy interacting with children and have already acquired some experience working with children.

When you fulfill these three requirements, then a stay as an Au-pair could be very interesting for you.

Important: Applicants who come from countries which are NOT part of the EU- or who come from EFTA-countries need a spezial Au-pair visa, which must be applied for at the German Embassy in their home country in good time before they wish to depart. Applying for this visa from Germany is NOT possible. The visa application can only be made after the host family has made an official invitation for the Au-pair.

Intermediary Agencies Offer Help!!!

Even when it seems that you can accomplish everything on your own, we really advise your to turn to a professional intermediary agency. This prevents you from taking any risks.

You will receive all the important information from your agency. The agency chooses a suitable family for you, supports you in applying for a visa, and supervises you throughout the entire duration of your stay. Not only is the agency there for you if there should be any problems between the Au-pair and the host family, but also helps you to establish contact with other Au-pairs.

Your Advantages:

The family in Germany offers you free meals and your own room. In return you help them up to 30 hours a week with childcare and household chores. From your guest parents you will receive a monthly amount of pocket money of 260 Euro. Your host family will secure health, accident- and personal liability insurance for you. So that you can improve your language skills, it makes sense for you to visit a German language course in your free time. The langauge course will also help you to socialize with other Au-pairs and young people.


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